Ellipse IPL – Laser Hair Treatment

Ellipse IPL – Laser Hair Treatment

No more waxing or shaving – the latest technology in laser hair removal is now available at Saint Saviour skin clinic. Ellipse is an intense pulse light (IPL) treatment is virtually pain free and completely safe. All areas of the face and body can be treated with excellent results. This process is also known as laser hair removal or laser hair reduction.

Ellipse IPL needs to be taken as a series of treatments to be effective. The number of treatments required depends on the areas treated and the type of hair. Clinical studies have shown that 6 or more laser treatments are normally required for most clients. Initially, a skin patch test and consultation is required.

Hair Reduction

Now giving you the ULTIMATE in permanent hair reduction, this new concept of virtually pain free laser will give you long term solution to nasty ingrown hairs, unwanted shaving rashes and regular painful waxing appointments. Our highly qualified Skin Therapists will carry out a thorough consultation prior to your first Ellipse IPL to discuss your treatment plan and you will commence your course of approximately 6 treatments carried out 1-3 months apart followed by yearly maintenance.

Quick, painless and simple…

Bought as Course of Six – £250

We normally recommend 6 treatment sessions, every 4 to 6 weeks for effective results

Any single Area
Any single area fixed price per treatment. £50

choose from any of the following body areas:

  • Face Upper / Lower Face, Neck, beard

  • Arms Underarms & Hands, Upper arms & Hands

  • Lower arms & Hands

  • Full arms & Hands (each)

  • Upper Body Upper! Lower Back, Abdomen

  • Shoulders, Chest

  • Lower Body Navel Line, Bikini (standard, ext or Brazilian), Buttocks

  • Legs Feet (both), Lower / Upper Legs

2 or 3 Areas At Once – Even Better Value!

  • Full face & under arms (both) £100

  • Bikini & under arms (both) £100

  • Upper back & Lower back (both) £100

  • Upper back & shoulders (both) £100

  • Half legs (both), bikini & under arms (both) £150

  • Half face, bikini & under arms (both) £150

  • Bikini, lower arms (both) & under arms (both) £150

  • Lower back, upper back & shoulders (both) £150

  • Lower arms (both), upper arms (both) & under arms (both) £150

  • Abdomen, chest & shoulders (both) £150

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

The Ellipse Intense Pulse Light is a clinically proven, highly safe treatment for sun damage and skin rejuvenation of the face and body. Whether your skin concern is Rosacea , Uneven Skin Tone or Pigmentation, it could be hereditary, sun damage or the natural signs of ageing, our Saint Saviour Skin Therapist can prescribe and design the correct course of skin treatments for your needs. We will always ensure that any pigmentation is benign before removal. It is highly important that you attend a thorough consultation prior to Ellipse IPL to determine what type of skin rejuvenation is required and a tailor made course of therapies will be discussed.

£100 per session – 3 sessions £250

Book a Treatment

Send us a message with your desired treatment, date and preferred time you’d like to book, and we’ll contact you in no time.


First class treatment. Treated and felt very special by Carol and staff.

Christine Smith

As always a professional, completely satisfactory experience at St SAVIOUR . Highly recommend.

Rhona MacLennan

Been in desperate need of my shoulder straightening out, and Carol has got me well on my way. The staff are super friendly, none of the judgey feelings that some places have.

Jenny Davidson
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