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Led Phototherapy

LED Light Phototherapy

Red and or Blue LED light has been proven to treat the skin at 400-650 nm below the skins surface making it a more effective and deeper penetrative treatment than product or many other forms of therapy.

Treating concerns such as Acne, Insomnia, Migraines, Lack of Collagen/Elastin, general signs of ageing, Rosacea, Tread Veins and Pigmentation, LED can be customized to suit your skins concerns in priorities, i.e. you can have a 30 minute Red Lite LED treatment or a 30 minute treatment broken down into 20 minutes Red 10 minutes Blue or 15 minutes Blue and 15 minutes purple!!

The results are amazing and work best when used in conjunction with our Image skincare and treatments can be customized to courses along-side IPL to treat different types of Pigmentation etc.

Your Saint Saviour Skin Therapist will advise you on appropriate courses available depending on your individual skin concerns.


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